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Injuries, including those to the back and other musculoskeletal conditions, account for more than half of all workers' compensation claims.  These conditions are often chronic and are a source of considerable lost time and reduced efficiency. SOMA’s ergonomic and safety programs utilize state-of-the-art practices, expertise and an evidence-based approach to provide effective solutions for problem resolution and risk reduction. SOMA’s work in this area has also been cited by regulatory bodies.


  • Ergonomics Program Development
  • Ergonomics Office Evaluations, Training, and Job-Task Analyses in Manufacturing and Industrial Settings
  • Development of Specialized Ergonomics Assessment Tools
  • Back Safety, Ergonomics Awareness, Injury Prevention and Ergonomics Design Training


SOMA can help companies reduce or eliminate factors in the workplace that can contribute to worker injuries by first identifying the root causes of these injuries. In addition to the obvious savings of workers’ compensation expenses, these services also help manage the direct costs associated with workplace accidents and their business continuity disruption.

SOMA’s services have demonstrated significant benefits in ensuring compliance with health and safety regulatory standards. Demonstrated return on an organization’s investment include but are not limited to:

  • Identify and Correct Hazardous or Unhealthy Workplace Conditions
  • Reduce Injury/Illness and Associated Workers Compensation and Other Health Costs
  • Enhance Safety, Employee Productivity and Wellness
  • Reduce Potential Liability and Manage Risk Successfully
  • Prevent Musculoskeletal Disorders and Unnecessary Injuries
  • Improved Productivity and Employee Morale
  • Safer, Less Fatigued Workers
  • Reduced Likelihood of Injury by Eliminating Wasteful Movements

We place great emphasis on listening to your concerns, understanding your needs and tailoring the best solution to efficiently meet your organizational goals.


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