Project Capabilities and Experience

Our project experience is extensive, helping our clients throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.  We have worked on projects for commercial, industrial, residential and governmental clients, evaluating a full-range of potential chemical, biological and physical hazards.

Our projects and field experience include evaluating exposures, or the potential for exposures, as well as means to control exposures, for both current conditions as well as historical exposure reconstruction.  We have also used exposure data collected, along with specific condition parameters, to predict or model likely future exposure conditions.  This modeling experience helps us select the most appropriate controls to reduce or eliminate unacceptable exposures.  When exposure data does not exist or is not available, we can re-create specific exposure conditions in an environmental exposure chamber based on our evaluation of prevailing conditions.

Our projects also include retrieving and evaluating pertinent IH, toxicology and epidemiology literature, test results and personal testimony.  These evaluations have led to assessments of specific exposure scenarios as well as broad, detailed risk assessments of exposure to various levels of contaminants.

Areas of Expertise

  • Industrial
    • Automotive
    • Construction and Construction Materials
    • Laboratory
    • Food, flavors, fragrances, cosmetics
    • Mining
    • Manufacturing
    • Steel, Aluminum
    • Petrochemical
    • Steel
  • Insurance
  • Government
  • Residential
  • Schools and Universities
  • Transportation
  • Communications
  • Commercial Offices
  • Retail/Travel

Comprehensive Industrial Hygiene Projects

  • Silica, Noise and Diesel Particulate Matter 
    A project spanning several years to identify exposures, and work with the company to reduce exposures, at a large aggregates mining company.
  • Noise Evaluation for Residential Construction
    Extensive evaluation of residential construction tasks at multi-site, residential home building locations, for a professional association.
  • Evaluation of Environmental Exposures Relative to a Potential Cancer Cluster
    In-depth evaluation of potential exposures and work conditions within a government facility to evaluate the potential for association with brain tumors.
  • Global Industrial Hygiene Support
    A project spanning several years for manufacturing and distribution sites worldwide to design sampling strategies, monitoring for hazards and providing specific engineering control recommendations.

Exposure Reconstruction

  • Benzene Exposure:  Recreated benzene contamination in a consumer product and evaluated potential exposure to users in our environmental exposure chamber.
  • Asbestos Exposure from Arc Chutes: Recreated asbestos exposure to workers maintaining electrical equipment that contained asbestos-containing arc chutes.
  • Dry Cleaning Solvent Exposure: Recreated exposure to dry cleaning solvents to workers from specific products in our environmental exposure chamber.
  • Portland Cement: Designed a sampling strategy and conducted an IH study to evaluate employee exposures at Portland cement plants to characterize dust concentrations, size distributions, and elemental composition in various job classes.

Literature Evaluation and Review Projects

  • Silica: Collected and evaluated several hundred articles and references related to silica and silicosis as the initial phase of comprehensive risk assessment.
  • Benzene: Collected, evaluated and developed a database of several articles and references related to benzene exposure as part of exposure characterization, and making an accessible literature catalog available to a client.
  • Industrial Solvents in Paints and Inks: Collected and evaluated approximately 100 current articles related to kidney effects from exposure to solvents for a legal case.
  • Diesel Exhaust: SOMA was asked to review and evaluate the world's literature on diesel exhaust exposure and potential health effects.  This was performed in the late 1990's and is a database that SOMA maintains.
  • Diacetyl:  Literature search, identification, and critique of the human epidemiological, animal and in vitro scientific/medical literature and determination of causal association with various respiratory disorders and evaluation of dose-response information.
  • Chromium including hexavalent chromium:  Currently collecting and evaluating historical data regarding regulations, sampling and analysis techniques, health effects and published articles and government reports for a legal case. 


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