Comprehensive Occupational Health Services

Sandler Occupational Medicine Associates provides consultation, problem-solving, health effects studies and occupational health program management among other services across the broad spectrum of workplace, employee, community and customer issues. 

SOMA’s services are designed to produce solutions that meet the diverse and sometimes conflicting needs of each organizational area; but, in a way that uses “sound science and medicine” in a “managerial-doable” approach.  SOMA OH services prevent and manage injuries and illnesses and help assure corporate viability through:

  • Occupational Health Program Development, Implementation and Management
  • Medical Standards Development for Employee Placement and Return to Work
  • Medical Exam Review and Quality Control
  • Medical Surveillance Program Management
  • Medical Case Management - Non-Occupational (Absentee, FMLA, Disability)
  • Workers' Compensation Medical Case Management
  • Health Hazard Risk Assessment
  • Occupational Health Data Trend Monitoring
  • Corporate/External Counsel Support Services/Expert Assistance


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