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Occupational Health Project Experience

Our project experience is extensive, helping our clients throughout the United States and Canada.  We have worked on projects for clients in manufacturing, petrochemical, transportation, and the defense industry consulting on a wide-range of occupational health issues.


  • Industrial
  • Automotive
  • Construction and construction materials
  • Laboratory
  • Food, flavors, fragrances, cosmetics
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Petrochemical
  • Steel
  • Insurance
  • Expert Witness
  • Transportation
  • Government


  • Occupational Health Care Delivery
    A project where SOMA assisted a “big three” auto manufacturer, who received a multi-million dollar OSHA citation, update and streamline its policies and procedures, perform audits, re-structure and train medical staff
    • Ergonomics Medical Management (musculoskeletal disorders)
    • Enhance quality of care 
    • Improve care access
    • Strengthened relations with OSHA 
  • Medical Placement Evaluations
    A project where a leading mining company utilized SOMA’s new approach for pre-placement hiring and return-to-work exams that is fair consistent and objective.
    • Created job-specific medical standards
    • Ensured HIPPA compliance
    • SOMAVIP-OH, examination management tool, allows exams to be reviewed by medical experts, separating medical records from HR files
  • Health Risk Studies
    A large food manufacturing company was concerned about previous asbestos exposures (mesothelioma).  SOMA designed and conducted a study of over 300 employees.  The study demonstrated few asbestos related findings which were attributable to prior employment or outside asbestos-related activities.  The study contained: 
    • Work history analysis
    • Exposure modeling
    • Employee notification  
  • Medical Case Management
    SOMA provided online and telephonic occupational medical guidance to a property and causality insurer to assist injured/ill workers and their insured’s.  Activities involved were:
    • Case file review
    • Assistance with outside medical specialists
    • Evaluations and IME’s

    A major manufacturer acquired a new subsidiary with over 300 open workers compensation claims.  Ultimately all open claims were appropriately resolved and the majority of the files were closed expeditiously.  In addition to case file reviews, SOMA’s occupational health professionals:
    • Identified critical issues preventing case resolution
    • Developed action plans 
    • Assisted plan implementation   
  • Medical Monitoring and Surveillance
    A large organization with potential exposure to hazardous dusts and emissions (including silica) retained SOMA to develop corporate occupational health programs addressing the companies needs which included:
    • SOMA’s clinic network capability
    • Teaming with quality mobile health examination capability 
    • Utilization of SOMAVIP OH examination system
    • Incorporation of FMLA, job-specific medical standards

      Subsequent trend analysis produced solid evidence demonstrating no significant worker health risk to regulatory agencies and the financial community.


  • Flour Dust
    Performed an analysis of the worlds literature regarding flour dust exposure levels and actual disease development.  The assessment illustrated deficiencies, therefore, Congress required OSHA to employ “sound science” when utilizing outside agency consensus standards. 
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