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Occupational Health Solutions

Sandler Occupational Medicine Associates, Inc. (SOMA), specializes in providing comprehensive occupational health services to major corporations, governmental agencies and other organizations across the United States and internationally. Our broad range of capabilities include occupational medical examination programs, medical case management, resolving fitness for duty issues, medical surveillance and program development and special projects. As an established, trusted partner, SOMA plays active roles in formulating, managing and executing your programs.

Our staff includes credentialed occupational physicians and nurses, experienced support personnel and case managers, working in conjunction with our certified industrial hygienists, safety specialists and allied occupational health professionals. Combined with advanced information technologies, this select group of professionals work efficiently and hand-in-hand with your dedicated staff.  This integration of expertise and service provides state-of-the-art and evidence based solutions.  


SOMA ensures the delivery of high quality and cost-effective occupational health services to your organization and its workers.  To achieve this, we do the following:

  • Occupational Health Program Development, Implementation and Management
  • Medical Standards Development for Employee Placement and Return to Work
  • Medical Exam Review and Quality Control
  • Medical Surveillance Program Management
  • Medical Case Management - Non-Occupational (Absentee, FMLA, Disability)
  • Workers' Compensation Medical Case Management
  • Health Hazard Risk Assessment
  • Occupational Health Data Trend Monitoring


SOMA's advanced occupational examination and quality assurance systems have demonstrated significant benefits in ensuring compliance with health and safety-regulatory standards.  Demonstrated return on an organization's investment include, but are not limited to:

  • Minimization of Risk, Reduced Absenteeism and Increased Productivity
  • Improved Regulatory Compliance, including OSHA, FMLA, ADA and DOT
  • Enhanced Safety, Employee Productivity and Wellness
  • Reduced Organizational Effort by Streamlining and Standardizing Processes
  • Provided a Multi-Disciplined and Cost-Effective Approach for Managing Occupational Issues
  • Reduced Potential Liability and Manage Risk Successfully
  • Increased Efficiency through Integrated OH/IH and Toxicology Services

We place great emphasis on listening to your concerns, understanding your needs and tailoring the best solution to efficiently meet your organizational goals.  

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